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Year at a glance

Our year served as a bridge from Chartered Accountants ANZ’s 2017 strategy, building on the solid foundations and momentum of that strategy. It was focused on building the skills, programs and connections to grow the profession and build its resilience. 

A strategy refresh in 2020-21 has set an ambitious and grounded path to 2025 for the profession and Chartered Accountants ANZ. It has five future and member-focused pillars: world‑class membership experience, our brand and influence, sustainable profession and professional body, digital transformation and delivery and a culture of Difference Makers. 

Our Difference Makers brand campaign launched this year is the most visible element of a coordinated effort to build the value, pride and influence of the CA designation. The campaign was supported by Chartered Accountants ANZ’s bold and visible advocacy on behalf of members, and for the public good, with a number of notable policy ‘wins’ during the year. 

As ever, our practice reviews and professional conduct process protected and enhanced the reputation of CAs, maintaining public confidence in the profession. The expansion of mandatory ethics training as part of all members’ CPD requirements from July 2021 adds to this confidence. 

We reimagined our flagship CA Program, widening the talent pipeline, to respond to increasing demand for broader expertise and a skill base to meet the needs of our future leaders. Trust and ethics remain at the heart of the program, and new candidates are armed with diverse capabilities including comfort in digital and data environments and problem solving, communication and collaboration skills. 

New tools like CA Capability+ illustrate our commitment to provide more responsive and effective resources for members. This tool joins a growing list of initiatives, including the CA Program and CPD library, that are underpinned by the CA Capability Model and focuses on futureproofing member success. 

Big changes made in FY20 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic have become business as usual. Our Sharing Knowledge webinars, set up to provide rapid information to assist members understand the changing landscape and rules as the pandemic hit home, have become an integral and a well-used platform, providing timely and expert information and advice. 

Data has been at the heart of these initiatives, ensuring we understand the needs of our member base. Our goal with the strategy refresh is to understand and deliver on our members’ diverse needs, through rich engagement, profiles and segmentation. 

Finally, we led the way and have made further progress towards becoming an integrated, agile, diverse and sustainable organisation. Our membership rose 2.3% to 131,673 and we have continued to remain financially strong. 



Up 2.3% on FY20

Capability + insights


Over 4,000 assessments completed by members with Ethics and Integrity being the highest self-rated capability overall and Data Analysis being the most in-demand capability for CPD

Revenue generated



CA Program

Delivered on time and on budget

Member events


Member events hosted with over 124,000 people attending

Earned media


Audience reached between Oct – Dec 2020 with our advocacy expertise 

Tools and
Resources Hub 


Accessed by 86,688 unique visitors with members downloading resources 29,267 times 



Difference Makers signature campaign 


Impressions reaching over 4.4m business decision makers 

Online exams


The number of individual exam papers sat during the year 



Members from 9 countries

Practice reviews


Member Support
Team calls


To provide tailored support

Resources Hub


Unique visitors

Class of 2020
New Member event


New Members joined as one global cohort and supported by their friends, family and colleagues 

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