Our aim is to build an integrated, agile and diverse organisation backed by the right tools and capabilities. 

Developing our people

To support our members in leading and making a difference, our organisation is focused on developing capable, values-driven leaders and ensuring our people have a clear understanding of how they contribute to our strategic goals. Workplace flexibility, inclusion and wellbeing are key pillars in our strategy of building a culture of Difference Makers and ensuring our culture is aligned to our strategy.

Successful execution of our strategy requires informed, confident leaders who can engage all of our people on our strategic journey. During the year we established a Senior Leadership Forum comprising key operational leaders and influencers across the organisation. The intention of forming this group is to develop the capability of our leaders to translate our strategy through all levels of the organisation. 

To ensure we can deliver our strategy, we rolled out the CA Capability Model within Chartered Accountants ANZ. This has allowed us to map the capability development needs for the whole organisation, and to deliver targeted and enterprise-wide development initiatives. Our first organisation-wide capability development initiative was focused on developing an agile mindset. 

From a wellbeing perspective, we ensured our people remained connected, informed and safe, particularly with working from home arrangements during COVID-19 lockdowns. We continued to develop comprehensive pandemic response plans and flexible work principles with a heightened focus on social connection, collaboration, mental health, fitness and wellbeing support. Continued ergonomic assessments and technology upgrades were also rolled out to support working from home. 

Collaboration and knowledge sharing were enhanced through regular organisation-wide Zoom and Teams calls, webinars, online learning and development alongside a range of wellbeing activities including meditation, a book club and yoga. 

In March 2021, we introduced 3-2-1 which is a hybrid working model offering our people more flexibility and based on their feedback. 3-2-1 is made up of three days in or away from the office, two days in the office with 1 of these office days a team day. 

The 3-2-1 model is the first step in our broader approach to flex and is an interim solution as we define our approach to remote working. 

We are working on a broader framework to support flexible working as part of our strategy. 

This program has been embraced by our people and leaders. 

“To deliver our strategy we rely on having capable and values driven leaders who can create a compelling vision of our purpose to inspire our people with a clear understanding of how they can contribute. Culture is crucial to the execution of strategy.” 
– Shona Tarrant, Group Executive People and Culture 

Inclusion and Diversity strategy released

During the year we released our Inclusion and Diversity strategy and action plan as part of our commitment to promoting an inclusive culture. Our ambition is to create a workplace community where everybody feels they belong, where our leaders actively seek their voices and develop people to deliver an exceptional member experience. 

Our initiatives were focused on governance activities and the identification of areas that could make the most immediate impact to our people. This included refreshing our Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) policy, reviewing all of our people and culture policies with an inclusion lens, designing and delivering I&D training for all our people and reviewing our pay structures and hotspots as part of our commitment to closing the gender pay gap. 

The Chartered Accountants ANZ gender gap in average salary at June 2021 was 15.9% (18% in FY2020). 

Gender breakdown of employees


Proportion of female representation

We redesigned our engagement survey this year to enable a greater understanding of our people through self-reporting demographics with a focus on I&D and wellbeing. Overall engagement lifted 5% year on year and 93% of our people believed the greater flexibility of working from home has enhanced their ability to perform their role. Importantly, 90% of our people know how their work contributes to the goals of Chartered Accountants ANZ. 

Giving back

Our charitable giving program Everybody Counts allows our people to support their chosen charity partners. In the reporting year, the program raised $149,099 through in-kind contributions and donations including $27,536 raised from employee payroll giving and fundraising activities. 

Our charity partners are Dementia Australia, National Breast Cancer Foundation, Reachout.com, RSPCA, The Smith Family, New Zealand Autism, Cancer Society, SPCA and Youthline.