Successfully delivering a digital transformation for members requires the right technology foundations, improving members’ experiences and introducing new ways of working for members to better collaborate and connect. 

Technology game changer 

Digital transformation and delivery is our response to members seeking more value via digital touch points, including greater personalisation. Members have also indicated they face challenges searching or navigating our digital channels and they want more targeted support and communications and enhanced connections and networks. 

We are putting data at the centre of our support for members, and for Chartered Accountants ANZ people, by improving our digital, data and analytics capability which will support personalised value, relevant communication, and ease of navigation. 

“Our ambition to deliver member-centric personalised member experiences begins with a solid technology foundation. Key to our delivery will be continuous improvement and data will be at the centre of everything we do.” 
– Mat Yelavich, Chief Information Officer

During this year, many of the technology foundations we need to achieve personalised, contextual, data-driven member experiences were defined, planned and delivered. 

Our technology strategy and roadmap is built on: 

  • a focus on performance. We are ensuring the performance of our technology services are reliable, secure and stable. We have made changes to the way we support key infrastructure and have introduced new capabilities 
  • a new IT Operating Model. We are boosting our capacity for reliable and frequent transformation changes by using Agile development methodologies and associated operational practices, consistent with mature digital organisations. We have now implemented tooling and processes to support continuous integration and deployment for our key systems 
  • an Integration strategy. Integration is critical to unlock data and systems that will ultimately drive our Digital transformation and enable personalisation of member services. We are taking an Application Programming Interface (API) approach, untangling many years of integration in a more structured way. We have now migrated to a new, more scalable integration platform to enable the API strategy and support a larger volume of transactions 

In our drive to improve our digital, data and analytics capability we have a solid base to work from. Great progress has already been made on moving key applications to the cloud, upgrading our network services and putting in place productivity and collaboration tools. 

During this reporting year, we established our new data architecture and have the foundations of our new data governance framework. We rolled out a training and change strategy for Chartered Accountants ANZ people as a first step to ensure understanding of cloud technologies and provide real-time collaboration for increased productivity and alternative methods of communication. 

Technology is critically involved in all five Chartered Accountants ANZ strategy pillars, either directly or indirectly. For example, our digital and data skills are supporting the levels of personalised member engagement we need to ensure a world class member experience and also creating an adaptive organisation to deliver on our strategic goals. 

Focus on cyber security 

During the year we continued our focus on cyber security. This included putting in place additional protection for our member-facing assets such as the website and implementing new email filtering technology to help us defend against email spam and phishing threats. 

ASD Essential Eight baseline mitigation strategies continue to guide our operational practices through patching and upgrades and user and application administration. More formally, the NIST Cyber Security framework is used to assess our cyber posture and inform investment, with good progress made towards our target maturity score across the Financial Year.