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During the reporting year we refreshed our strategy to support members, engaging with our membership base and governance structure for their input.

More than, 3,000 members took part in a survey, along with the Chartered Accountants ANZ Board, Council, Regional Councils and Overseas Councils, Segment Advisory Committees and member committees. We held over 38 workshops and 80 forward-looking thought leadership papers and resources were reviewed from around the world to identify global business developments and emerging trends. The process recognised macro trends such as: 

  • reimagined business models 
  • declining trust in institutions 
  • digital age acceleration 
  • increasing expectations of experiences on digital platforms 
  • tasks of workers becoming more automated requiring new skills and capabilities 
  • focus on relevance of professional bodies of all types globally 
  • perceptions of the attractiveness of accounting as a career 

In line with our vision, purpose, Charter and values, we have developed a strategy that will deliver for members the education, resources, advocacy, personal and professional support they need to make a difference. 

It sets out ambitious, but carefully considered, aspirations for the profession and its professional body over the next four years. 

Through our refreshed strategy we seek to be digitally led, with a focus on delivering personalised, relevant and timely services, as we continue to create a respected, world class organisation which provides the support and services our members want and require. This is being undertaken through five pillars. 

Our refreshed strategy has five pillars:


World class member experience

Understanding our members’ needs, providing relevant learning and supported by intuitive and engaging connections.
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Our brand and influence

Undertaking bold, visible advocacy in the public good, proudly upholding professional standards and trust and elevating the CA difference.
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Sustainable profession and professional body

Developing future talent, driving membership growth and diversity, creating a sustainable and adaptive operating model and enhancing best practice governance and assurance.
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Digital transformation and delivery

Strengthening the foundations, improving members’ digital experience and introducing new ways of working to connect and collaborate with members. 
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A culture of Difference Makers

Supporting organisational agility and flexibility, fulfilling our organisational potential and building an inclusive and diverse culture within Chartered Accountants ANZ.
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From the start of the refresh process there was heightened awareness of the global context and the changing environments in which our members work.

Our strategy on a page

Chartered Accountants ANZ Strategic Plan — Difference Makers

Through workshops and a member survey, our members highlighted the need to continue to adapt and acquire new skills. Members told us that our communications are too generic; that we need to offer support that is more specific to their needs. Members also recognise they will need to continue to adapt and acquire new skills, and they expect their member organisation’s support. 

These insights helped shape our strategic priorities and initiatives to improve our ability to understand, communicate and deliver future-focused services to our members. 

For this reporting period the strategy refresh was articulated and communicated, and we set in train the organisational frameworks and processes needed to drive success. We continued to deliver on existing strategic priorities for our members, including the reimagined CA Program, CA Catalyst and CA Capability+ and we have continued to build on successful programs and services such as My CA.

FY22 will mainly focus on building the foundations required to provide world class services and deliver the digital experience demanded in today’s world. In FY23 and FY24 our members will experience the results of this work through services, support and engagement which helps put them ahead of the game. 

Many of these initiatives focus on relevant and highly personalised member support. 

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